We were born in 2010 as a communication and consulting company for Sebrae. We carry out work focused on new solutions such as mobile applications, portals for large institutions and a lot of social media.


3 years ago, we turned our team to the design of Innovation Contests. We created a model that brings together investors, initiatives, public entities, accelerators and a range of grants: all on the same platform. We follow the initiative from the moment of selection until the market.


We act in the digital world. Our in-person meetings serve to consolidate what has been worked on in the various online channels. We believe that we can bring protagonism to Brazilian creativity in the world.


Major Tom's Projects

Thomas Strauss

Executive Director

Bruno Bandeira


Salejandra Alves

Innovation Consultant

Prof. José Leite

Scientific Consultant

Marcelo Strauss

Executive Producer

Once my friend Paulo Gonçalves teased “This design thinking business, the new business trend, is nothing more than what we’ve been doing since we were kids. The guys take courses to become what we creatives are by nature”.


What he meant is that tomorrow belongs to the creatives – at least until the machines steal it away, as historian Yuval Harari predicts. While they still don’t create effectively for all areas, there is a horizon for those who have disruptive ideas as a profession.


Major Tom is a creative initiative in this direction. We think of thematic innovation contests for our clients, representatives of public and corporate departments. So it was with the first, Startpol, with the police; then Inovamed, with doctors and hospitals; and the second edition for public safety, Inovapol. And others will come, after all, Brazil needs more innovation and design thinking, and that’s why we’re here.

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Executive Office Tower
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